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Xuiite Performing Arts Center

“Align your outer image with your inner vision.”

– Rodney Walker, Founder




Xuiite Performing Arts Center

Executive Summary

The Xuiite Performing Arts Center sole focus is education and related arts.  We have a solid direction, and we are positioned as the premiere source for the performing arts presentation and education in Austin, Tx. The XPAC will be the main venue for entertaining the city and community with major concerts and theatrical showcases by major artist in today’s industry. Therefore a marketing focus will be on these benefits of visiting and participating in the XPAC. Through our diverse range of programs, a fresh experience for frequent visitors will provide an ongoing development in the appreciation, enjoyment, and education that the XPAC offers.

Key areas of our marketing strategy include membership development, development of the Founding Circle, The XPAC Newsletter and other direct mailings, telemarketing, on-site marketing of XPAC products and services, targeted advertisements, general listings, the website, radio and Public Service Announcements (PSA), flyers, programs, and brochures, the database, and  press contacts.

XPAC has begun an extensive fundraising campaign to provide initial start-up costs for the XPAC. Each area of need will be strategically matched with a potential donor, starting with construction costs and ending with festival grants. The areas of fundraising include the Start-Up Donor Drive, grant development, fundraising events, hiring fundraising professionals, and sponsorship agreements, as well as research of other film festival operations.

Ran by Founder & Director Rodney B Walker and Board of Directors, the opening of the XPAC will expand the team to include an Operations Manager, and the Director will assume that position as always has until the need arises to make it a paid position. As always, there will be volunteers in several capacities, and the volunteer Board will play a big part in organizing this area. They each will have a role in managing an area of volunteer duties. The Board of Trustees (Trustees), also volunteer, will be expanded and developed by the Director and Board to make available expert advice, donations of in-kind and products and services.

Founder Rodney B Walker, Director of the Xuiite Performing Arts Center since its opening when he founded the non-profit organization, is uniquely qualified to run this project, which he has developed since incorporation. MORE ABOUT RODNEY WALKER

The Board of Directors has been serving in many capacities and helping to make XPAC a major part of the cultural structure of Austin, TX. Rodney B Walker – Chairman, Crystal Watts – HR and Courtney Mcgee – Treasurer have all been long time supporters, and will now be even more instrumental in the expansion of the Society, helping to develop the Board of Trustees, and helping to guide the organization.

Organization Summary

With design in mind, we would like to have several classrooms which will be the hub of activity where most programming will take place. The overall building will be a picturesque Performing Arts Center. There will be a small cafe/lounge-style arrangement for a relaxed viewing experience. Along with the Xuiite retail shop for branded souvenirs, T-Shirts, music by local artist, and so much more.

The main office houses larger festivals which will accommodate for the space for announcements associated with specialty events such as invite-only screenings and mini festivals. The main wing will also house the XPAC gallery featuring ongoing exhibitions of world-class, cutting-edge photography, graphics, video art, and performance art. 

The photographic gallery will have a strong alliance with the internationally known creative showcase. The showcase is a collection of international photographers who will be given the opportunity to have month long exhibitions at the XPAC and will form the base for a strong photographic presence in the arts on Austin, TX, another underdeveloped area.


Austin, TX
(512) 541-1287