About Rodney Walker

Rodney’s transformation from the music stage to full-fledged professional photographer was not part of a pre-planned career path. In fact, he says that he is forever grateful to his friends, family and complete strangers who offered everything from suggestions to forthright pleas that he become a professional photographer.

That cumulative push has clearly been a good thing. Rodney received multiple awards and coverage with his photography over the years. While his portfolio is testament to his discerning eye for capturing timeless moments. He says I always loved photography; I did it all the time within the walls of my home. And what I created within those walls spread like wildfire. It began when I showed one person my portfolio. I never set out to be a photographer nor did I anticipate it. I was content being on the stage singing and performing. My friends and family were definitely more convinced of all my abilities than I was! Photography is just one of many talents.

Rodney says that he has always had a camera in hand. Even as a young boy, he was frequently photographing himself, family and friends.

Before he started taking pictures professionally, Rodney B Walker was a starving music artist looking for the next break. Rodney’s first client was a female model who wanted to start a portfolio. After admiring the work and photo shoot, the model insisted that Rodney be hired to photograph the rest of her model friends in the industry. It took some persistence, but Rodney eventually accepted.

Rodney B. Walker is the owner of Xuiite Photography Studio. He has captured the city through the lens of his camera. Also making others see themselves through his eyes, paintings and artistic creations. Rodney is passionate in all he does. He is committed to quality and accepts nothing less.